Inventory Aisles

A passage way between the rows generally seen in supermarkets or grocery stores. In AX inventory aisles is the identification of aisles within a location of warehouse.

Note: Aisles and locations can be used only if storage dimension is enabled with Location. Items not enabled with location parameter cannot be used instead new item creation is required. That is why it is important to have location option enabled in Storage dimension with default value even if there is no need for future purpose. Read here

Aisles Setup provides option to have multiple ids under a specific aisle which can be sorted in ascending and descending order and finally linked to warehouse.


The location is the place where Items are stored and drawn later.

Note: Item inserted at one place is not necessarily to be drawn from same place

Co-ordinates of Locations:



They are called co-ordinates because each set is encoded with no and these numbers together generates unique id which represents the co-ordinates.

To see this co-ordinates go to Warehouse->Inventory locations

If no data there then requires setup, go to warehouse->Locations Names->Include as per requirement example: Aisle and rack with no format. Then use Location wizard to generate automatically all the aisles-rack data.

Define capacity of each location

  1. Physical dimensions (height, weight, depth, etc.)
  2. Load of pallets
  3. Capacity (max, min and current)
  4. Finally how many and which aisles are associated

Various location types:

  1. Bulk Location (generic)
  2. Picking Location (during Sales order)
  3. Inbound Dock (during product receipts)
  4. Outbound Dock (during transfers)
  5. Production Input Location (from production orders)
  6. Inspection Location (Quarantine process)
  7. Kanban Supermarket (Production process)

Blocking Inventory Locations:

Locations can be blocked for various reasons like maintenance or accident. To do this navigate to Inventory management->setup->warehouse breakdown->Inventory locations form->Other tab->Blocking

Either block input, output or both.

Sort codes:

These codes are used to sort inventory locations as per aisle, racks, shelves or bin assigned sort codes. During Picking process the items listed are sorted by these codes. Useful to define if your organization is using specific route useful for efficient picking process.

To apply:

Inventory management->setup->warehouse breakdown->Inventory locations form->Other tab->Sorting->Manual update::Yes->Sort Code

The main difference between Inventory Location vs Warehouse Location:

Inventory Locations are the locations inside warehouse which has all the setups of creating co-ordinates of warehouse, aisle, rack, shelves & bin.

Whereas warehouse location defines the property of warehouse itself which contains inventory locations hence warehouse location does not have aisles related setups. Warehouse is like a capsule for inventory locations.

For more info for warehouse locations you have see regarding advance warehouse WMS2 topics.