Storage Dimension

The segregation of  product quantities during receipt, stocked or issued into various levels from higher to detail level: Site, Warehouse, Location or more

It is mandatory to use at least one dimension to perform any operations.


Item C001 Computers with 10 Qty are purchased for Site 01 for warehouse Wh1 on purchase receipts, go items list > Inventory > On Hand  on hand stock is shown as:

  • 10 under Site 01 then change dimension display to show also warehouse
  • combination Site 01 and warehouse Wh1 shows qty 10.

Again C001 of Qty 5 are purchased for Site 01 and warehouse Wh2 and Product receipt is done then total on-hand stock for Item C001 after 2 receipts is shown as:

  • Site 01: Total Qty 15
  • Site 01 + Wh1: 10
  • Site 01 + Wh2 : 5

All the issuance are deducted in similar fashion. Example: Project Item Consumption for Project No: P001 from Wh1 of qty 3 then on-hand stock is for Site 01 + Wh1 is 7

Tip: Transaction where Product dimension are required directly select warehouse then Site is auto loaded

Here as per previous topic we can control negative postings if no stock is available.

Storage Dimensions Setup

Path: Product Information Management->Setup->Dimension->Product Dimension

By Default dimensions available as standard:

  • Site: (City: Dubai)
  • Warehouse: (Wh1: Karam   and Wh2: Deira)
  • Location: (Container 01 and container 02)
  • Pallet Id: (Move able pallet that stores multiple Products)
  • Inventory Status: (Available: for transaction, Damaged, Unavailable, Broken if unavailable)
  • License Plate: (Grouping of Products, pallets, carton, trucks or ship container with unique identification. Example: Bar code sticker on ship container on scanning gives info like how many cartons inside with each product details)

Checks against default dimension for above list below

Active: Select what dimension to activate

Blank receipt/Blank issue allowed: Option to keep blank during transactions however site is mandatory. Note: In this same form Primary stocking must be unchecked to use this feature as it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

Physical/Financial Inventory: This is not voucher posting enabling (see item model group) however this segregates the inventory value into dimensions used in inventory  valuations reports

Coverage Plan by Dimension: This is a part for Master planning to which level details are required

For Purch/Sales Price: To enable Dimensions when the PO or SO is created. These fields can be changed any time irrespective of further transactions.

Warehouse specific setup

Use Warehouse Management Process (check): To enable advance warehousing process like rack and shelves features

Mandatory (check): Even though Site is mandatory we can apply warehouse to be mandatory

Primary Stocking: This sets warehouse as primary dimension for products to be locked for reservation to maintain same batch like scenario if batch is not assigned.

Tracking Dimension Group

Path: Product Information Management->Setup->Dimension groups

Tracking of Product individually in all inventory transaction. Example: Item Code: C001 of 5 qty ordered can be registered or assigned with unique/non unique identity to each.

By Default numbers available:

  • Batch Number
  • Serial Number
  • Owner (in 365 only)

Rest all the columns are same as storage dimension group except “transfer” which is for transfer orders.

For serial number configuration

Capture Serial Number (drop down): None, Pick or Pack. Enable during issue but once enables cannot be edited

Register Serial No before consumption (NoYes): At PO line level you can register serial numbers before actually receipt transaction.

Serial No Control (NoYes): Enable to keep maintain unique nos


If you want register serial no during receipt but not at the time of issue then this setup can be done here.