Warehouse Items:

The list of Items (along with variants specifically) specified to handle operations in warehouse like their locations, picking method & counting control

  • Default Locations:
    • Receive at default location for specified items
    • Issue specific items from default location
  • Picking method:
    • To consolidate various orders in one picking list or not
    • Picking default location
    • Specific items to be picked minimum
    • Max capacity of location
    • What shall be done of pallets used in operations
  • Counting Control
    • Define groups and control if counting is started for counting journals operations

Example below scenario is performed:

  • In(Receipt): Items code ST001, Steel of size 11 mm only to be stored at location A-1 with maximum 20 tons
  • Out(Issue): Items code ST001, Steel of size 11 mm only to be picked min 10 qty of each 1 ton from location A-1
  • Counting: Lock the item transactions for item code ST001, Steel as counting journal is started

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