Boxing logic is the part of big process picking workbench read here.

Once the sales order/transfer order (during the releasing of item) is requested then the on hand stock is organized and split and packed into different packages (grouping of items on picking route) based on various options

  • split by ship alone (example TV)
  • split by delivery mode (requesting by Air for urgent delivery)
  • boxing logic.

Boxing Logic

The efficient way of auto packaging of products in smallest box during picking workbench (sales order process/transfer order) based on factors weight, volume and dimensions. This logic determines product factors and picks best smallest box to pack on picking route. The picking and shipping function works together to further decide if multiple boxes and can be further packed under one box unless split ship by alone option is selected.


The best example is when ordering multiple products via online shopping portal they use this logic to pack products and boxes based on customer address and special requirement.

Customer Abdullah from Dubai ordered 1. Headphone, 2. Phone and 3. TV and another customer Bilal from Oman ordered 1. Headphone and 2. Phone from US Amazon. Note that Dubai and Oman are part of Gulf region and the main hub is Dubai which receives shipment first. Then the system is configured in so details that the US based warehouse packs individually all the products in big box to be dispatched for Dubai then inside separate box for Dubai and separate box for Oman. In Dubai box again headphone and phone are packed in one box of specified size (because of same address and product size) and TV packed in separated box due to special packing requirements then loaded in transport for courier. Like these many minute details can be added for complete automation where employee working as part of packaging is not required to think at all to segregate the boxes again and again.

The warehouse receives multiple requests for picking/packing like which items to be picked from which location and packaging of items based on various parameters then loading in the transport (ex: truck). There could be various items requested by same customer so based on boxing logic all these items are grouped in one box, the process also checks maximum box size and maximum no of small boxes can be accommodated. Like this so many rules can be applied. This is based on customer business requirements. Let me know in the comments what is your requirement.

To implement boxing logic each item specification (length, height, etc.) must be defined in order to work automation.

Additional: This is not limited to just box packaging as not each organization does the packaging in box as some have big concrete based products in mass volumes where the size of trailer itself can be used as box.

Setup (AX 2012 and 365 similar)

  1. First enable the Boxing logic picking workbench in Inventory Management->Inventory warehouse management parameters01box
  2. Second is to enable boxing logic for picking work bench for released items Deliver fast tab02box
  3. Set physical dimensions for released items under  under manage inventory fast tab, here mostly no body discusses or explain that what is the unit of weight, depth, width and height. The trick is simple note that in unit of measurement topic (read here) each unit belongs to unit class like kg or grams to mass and meters/cm to length and each unit class must have one default system unit (default unit used for item physical dimensions, boxes, production and so on) which will work across as default unit, example: kg or grams even though both belongs to one unit class mass, only one unit is selected as system unit. Read here the discussion someone posted the question.05box
  4. Defining physical Boxes under setup of Inventory warehouse management. Note default is from system unit explained above in point 3.04box


Example: Live demo of boxing logic using Sales Order with picking workbench profile (however see in detail picking workbench in detail here)

Customer requirement is to apply boxing logic as all the products are having max and min volumes defined so that warehouse personnel should find easy to apply pick and pack with following requirements:


  1. Box sizes available: length: inches and mass in Kgs
    1. Small (depth: 3, width: 5, height: 8, weight: 200, volume: 120)
    2. Medium (depth: 5, width: 10, height: 15, weight: 500, volume: 750)
  2. Product sizes available:
    1. Iphone 5s: (depth: 0.3, width: 2.31, height: 4.87, weight: 112, volume: 3.37)
  3. Shipping address and qty:
    1. Client 1: 3 Qty in best boxes, same address

Before creating sales order make sure the following setups are done.

Picking Workbench setup

Inventory management > Setup > Picking Workbench > Workbench Profiles

Create new profile with criteria Sales Id (Sales order no)

Warehouse workbench setup

Inventory management > Setup > Inventory Break down > Warehouse

Picking workbench fast tab: Pick list per batch 5 and Maximum lines per picking list 5

Sale Order Creation

Create sales order with item Iphone 5s then no need to confirm directly picking workbench can processed.

Picking Work bench process form

  • You can use directly sales order to generate pick list/picking list generation or navigate to Inventory management > Common > Picking workbench
  • Use criteria sales id and select sales order no specifically generated in above step
  • Print the batch then report will show automatically box selected if not appearing then it means setup is missing or physical dimensions are wrong with default system unit