The logical grouping of Multiple Warehouses. Site is compulsory to be specified for any inventory related transactions. Each site can have own specific address which can be defaulted on related warehouses, also set specific timezone for each site. Lastly the on-hand stock . Example: In UAE country there are 7 states and each state can have site with the name of State prefixed country name. Also it depends on how your consultant decides based on running operations.


The sub group of Site is warehouse  which is more meaning full with more controls options available as compared to Site. Like:

  • Type of Warehouse: Default (For generic transaction), Quarantine (For Quality Management) and Transit (For Transfer Orders).
  • Master Planning
  • Advance warehouse management setups
  • Transportation related setups

Note: Sites and warehouses are part of Storage dimension discussed here.

A stock can be split across storage dimensions including warehouse. Example: Item code PC001 on hand stock across all warehouses.