In the last post we have seen counting Journal and Tag counting Journal which are the journal as the name suggest and posts the on-hand qty counted with differences to profit and loss accounts where as cycle counting is the generation of counting Journals lines across various warehouses based on counting groups and Warehouse items

Warehouse Items read here

  1. Counting Groups: To generate lines in counting journal of count based period defined
  2. Inventory Dimension: To count specific inventory dimension item lines to be generated in counting journal
  3. Locations: To count only in specific locations only

Note: Item status are recorded during process

Counting Groups

The general grouping of items on how they will be counted, example very expensive items (see ABC classification) or location based. However the setup can be set in each group when cycle counting must occur such as:

  1. Manual: Direct manual no rules
  2. Period: Within specified period only
  3. Zero in Stock: Only when stock hits zero on hand
  4. Minimum: When stock reaches minimum value

These are the trigger points to generate lines in counting Journal however note that the item under Manage Inventory fast tab. Example in counting journal based counting group selected the lines are filtered and generated, like generate all the lines which reached zero on hand qty.