Inventory Transactions

In AX world the Inventory transactions are of 2 types:

  1. Receipts all in transactions with +ve value and increase stock per site or warehouse
  2. Issue all out transaction with -ve value and decreases stock per site or warehouse

The primary transactions of inventory which by business day to day transactions are:

  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Production Order
  • Project Item Journal

Journal Names

Before this each Journal must be setup with proper posting profiles and Journal names for each transaction types, the important thing in setting Journal names are:

  • Selection by to generate a voucher when line is entered or posted
  • Posting Details level to post voucher summary only to have less transactions
  • Delete lines after posting: I recommend to always enable no and customize forms to disallow deleting of journals after posting unless internal policy is set to delete this journals every 3 years lets say for example.
  • Blocking for private user group: Create multiple journal names for group of users to be accessed
  • Reservation keep it manual if new setup
  • Offset account for Movement Journal only

Inventory Journals

However the Inventory itself requires transactions apart from above primary transactions types for the inventory management processes like: Opening balances, warehouse to warehouse transfers, counting, and many more we will see in details.

  1. Item Transactions
    1. Movement: Only Journal where Offset ledger account is selected here manually used in opening balances and many other purposes
    2. Inventory Adjustment: Simply issue and receipt to profit and loss accounts
    3. Transfer: Transfer materials from location (-ve) to location (+ve) for internal transfers without consumption, one variant to another and one batch to another.
    4. Bills of materials: Is short cut process of creating BOM product (or finished goods) where same time raw materials (or items under BOM) are issued and BOM product receipt is done
  2. Item Counting
    1. Counting: Count the inventory stock and post as actual the difference of more or less stock in inventory is adjusted automatically and posted against ledgers as per posting profiles set however note that do not use this frequently as auditor will question this usage. See more about cycle counting here.
    2. Tag Counting: More sophisticated process for counting, this is used usually year end counting where Warehouse is closed and AX locks any accidental item transactions unless the item is tagged to a counting group then once posted these transactions are generated again in Item counting Journal which has to be posted again.