BOM features

  • BOM version: Allows to change BOM overtime, example: swapping items, configurations or removing components if not applicable
  • Graphical BOM: Design a BOM graphically
  • Sub-BOM: Control the BOM type that can be sold, revised or planned independently. If BOM contains another BOM as component then this is multi level BOM. Sub BOM is refered as level 1 and its components as level 2
  • Sub Contracting: BOM component is supplied by a contractor or a purchase order BOM list shipped to the supplier, additional BOM line that contains  the service is included to book the cost of sub-contracting. Note: When BOM line is sub BOM then additional production orders are created
  • Quantity dependent BOMS: control which version of the BOM is used in Productions based on quantity in production order
  • Site dependent BOM and routes
  • Phantom BOMS: same like regular BOM however components can be re-used. Example: One BOM for Concrete which can re-used for each and every new BOM for concrete moulds
  • BOM calculations for manufacturing a particular BOM