Generic Currency

Applying trade agreements with multiple currencies for discounts, read here about customer trade agreements. And system will apply exchange rate based on customers/vendor currency however to have discount a psychological effect we will see about smart rounding in below post

Smart rounding

This is the marketing trick to have a discount no so appealing. You must have seen a super market is running flash sales with all the discounted item ending with 9.9% or amount. So after creating trade agreement adjustments in bulk with effect of generic currency smart rounding is applied to end all the discounted price ending with 9.9.


  • Activate: A/R->setup->Parameters->Prices->Generic currency and smart rounding
  • Configurations: Sales and marketing->Setup->Price/Discount->Smart rounding
    • Unit price from
    • Unit price to
    • Syntax
    • Lower limit
    • Upper limit
    • Test by running simulation
    • Currencies


while creating discount journal after applying adjustment then under same adjustment menu apply smart rounding all the values get adjusted in more appealing format.