Customer Trade Agreements

Are the centralized control and configuration to setup complex discounting options by using the concept of discount journals in AX. example in large organization over 20 person are creating sales order then in bulk we can create offers like:

  • Date range: Year end 10% discount on all electronic items
  • Product range: Discount on iphone 10% if purchased minimum 2 qty
  • Total Invoice: Buy minimum for $100 and get 10% discount, and many more..


  • Price Discount groups: Attached to customer card under sales order fast tab, to group similar customer in one discount group, Path: Sales & Marketing->setup->Price/discount->Customer price/discount group, again this has various types of discount groups:
    • Price group
    • Line discount group
    • Multi line discount group
    • Total discount group
  • Item Discount Group: Attached to item card under sell fast tab, to group similar items to group, again the various types of item groups are:
    • Line discount group
    • Multi line discount group
    • Postage group
  • Activate Price/discount: Activate what ever combinations of possibilities for customer, customer group all customers with:
    • Price
      • Item
    • Line Discount
      • Item
      • Item Group
      • All Items
    • Multi line discount
      • Item Groups
      • All Items
    • Total Discount
      • All Items

Price/Discount Agreement Journal

After above setup its time to make discount active by posting in Journals by picking up the relation example price.

  • Set Customer or customer group
  • Item or item group
  • Warehouse
  • From to item range discount amount
  • Date range of discount being active

Creating Trade agreement

There are 2 ways to create trade agreements like

  • For Sales price by using selecting journal lines: For bulk creations, while discount journal use select button and filter relation type, discount type, customer/item to populate grid then use adjustment to mass update amount by various options
  • In Customer Card directly: For individual update, under sell action pane tab -> Trade agreements -> lists all the data selection combination which in turns generates a new journal.