What is it?

The electronic signature in Dynamics 365FO is just the database log setup enhanced with a few additional columns.

Practical usage

The best case scenario is signing documents by a single person to ensure that data in the specific form (linked to the table) is intact. It means any data change like insert, update or delete is electronically signed by someone. The side bar pops up to enter the details which act as an electronic signature. Some legislation or company policy requires keeping a record of all changes in the data like inventory masters data.

Wrong assumptions and myths

  • E-signature is not the replacement for workflows.
  • It is not a digital signature feature like blockchain however, there are some ISV providers.
  • It will not show on the document as a signed signature.

Setup – Clouder version

  • Enable electronic signature license configuration by turning on the maintenance mode from LCS. Navigate to System Administration -> Setup -> License configuration -> Configuration keys -> Administration -> Electronic signature
  • Navigate to user options in the top right corner from the gear button -> Account -> Get a certificate. And set a password. The password is required for signing.
  • Setup parameters in System admin -> Setup -> Electronic signature parameters. Enable required comments so on each change the comment box pops up. And the time out set for 60 seconds to keep the side pop open, after 60 seconds it will disappear, and changes are not made.
  • Setup the signature requirement, to use this feature on which table. You can use on the custom tables too.

Electronic signature in action

  • Navigate to the form on which the electronic signature has setup, in my example I will navigate to custom format and add a new entry, the side pop up appears. Provide the password and other details, and a reason code is mandatory.
  • Navigate to the database log under System admin inquiries, to see the signed document.