Workspaces are simply tile based forms to show related information in one place in standard organized pattern.

Workspace tiles

Most of the standard menu items are removed from respective modules and placed directly under workspace tiles. Like example in previous version of Dynamics AX the menu item for units was different now in D365FO its only under Product maintenance tile.

The basic idea is the similar feature of cues from Dynamics AX but with enhancements. It contains some buttons for action or to show some filtered grid (under workspace tile pane), list of data in modern grid format (tabbed list container), fancy charts (workspace chart pane) and related links (related links panel).


The module procurement and sourcing for purchase orders activity have many stages, just by looking as purchase list page which show all purchase orders with various statuses and action required to turn this junk complex information into smaller with limited features with some nice graphs for analysis sufficient for end user instead of clicking and navigating to many places which could be frustrating and time consuming. All this info at one place is a workspace. The standard name for this workpace is Purchase Order Preperation

Purchase Order Preparation – workspace


Workspace can be create in many ways the 2 know ways are:

  1. Visual studio is required and can be developed on dev environments only which means no direct creation on live.
  2. Directly on any environment without visual studio, the trick is creating a tile linked to power apps like power BI

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