Dimension based configuration

First understand variations, the item having multiple variations created using product masters. Example: Item pen maintains a one item code with different variations like color: blue, red, green and black. Otherwise create new item code as blue pen, red pen, green pen and black pen. Item variations are used in dimension based configurations.

While creating a new item code select

  • Product sub-type: Product master
  • Configuration technology: mostly it is predefined variant change it to dimension based configuration

This is only used when creating routes and to maintain versions by defining rules which item during production order or sales order picks and unpicks item automatically.

Example: The Sales order of phones having multiple accessories included based on warehouse location then no. of accessories to be included or removed automatically during the process is based on configuration rules for bom items.

Configuration Process

  • Configuration groups
  • Create BOM
  • Assign item and configuration groups
  • Create configuration routes
  • Create configuration rules
  • Approve and activate BOM

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