Dimension based configuration

When creating item in the product information management ever wonder the option of creating item master with the dimension based configuration, well that curiosity inspired me to create this article.

In a nutshell it is used for the items which has major base or core structure common and the product changes with simple configurations.

Please bear my thin voice.

I have explained the example of Halloween pumpkin decoration, let say there is a store specializing in configuring pumpkins for various themes. Here the core pumpkin remains same however different theme of decorating Halloween pumpkin requires some rules for configuration. Like I cannot mix Superman “S” engraving to spider man mask.

Even though this appears to be simple configuration, it will help if the sales team consist for more than five and they just take orders without mix up order.

Configuration Process Summary

  • Create new item master, Product sub-type: Product master
  • Configuration technology: mostly it is predefined variant change it to dimension based configuration
  • Configuration groups
  • Create BOM
  • Assign item and configuration groups
  • Create configuration routes
  • Create configuration rules
  • Approve and activate BOM