BOM versions

For the component items must be setup with proper storage dimension like mandatory site

To plan materials and resources for multiple production sites, the system reflects the BOM version and route version based on req site, valid date and active product dimension for the items qty.

To control BOM versions active or inactive : A combination of date, quantity or site control are used as:

  • Date with different quantities
  • Quantity with different dates
  • Quantity and date on different sites

Example: Create multiple BOM versions with each same basic items plus few items changed in each version with different qty and also control date for activation of each bom versions

Multiple active BOM version per item has activation constraints based on version type chosen

  1. Time period: dates cannot overlap
  2. Quantities: each version must have different quantities
  3. Site: Sites must be different

Production orders selects BOMs automatically if only one active versions is available however in case of multiple active BOMs then in Production order manually BOM selection is required.

Active BOMs can be used in:

  • Sales Order
  • reporting as finished BOM
  • Calculations for BOM item
  • Production Orders

Copying BOMs using Copy BOM route form

Copy a BOM to a new BOM

Under BOM versions item lines below section button functions Copy BOM route form opens

  • Base Data: Copy from BOM No, Site, Item No, Config, date To:
    • BOM No site with replace or add option
    • Or Production Order
  • Production: From Production No  To:
    • Production No with Update BOM No
    • Or Production Order

Copy a BOM to existing BOM

Directly using BOM lines button “Create BOM” which has option to copy a BOM which opens up Copy BOM route form

BOM version via designer

  • Released Product list page:
    • Create, edit , delete new BOMs and BOM versions
      • Checking BOM for errors like BOM circularity, checking which BOM versions attached to selected BO, check route versions
      • Calculations
      • Printing