Customer Groups & posting profile

This is compulsory to be used when creating customer groups. This group is then further used in posting profiles to have a separate control account.

Example: If required to maintain Main stream customers and scrap customers as separated ledger account during revenue process then this can be done.

Create a customer groups as Main stream and scrap in Accounts receivable->setup->Customer->Customer groups also you can see other options which can be defaulted during customer creation.

Then create a vendor posting profile under setup add further filter for scrap as consider main stream customers are already there. Also can be used for inter-company customers

Note: Through the course of year the ledger account and customer transaction must tally properly

Customer creation

Go to customers via sales and marketing or A/R modules, create new and the pop form opens where you can see the customer is generated automatically or will be manual based on number sequence setup in parameters. Notice that customer group is mandatory and once created can be changed however if group is linked to different account the posting to ledger will change and other defaults like payment terms or tax codes can be changed. You can save and close the form or do other actions directly at same time like

Save and open-> 1. Sales Quotation, 2. Project Quotation, 3. Sales order