Transfer Orders

Are the transfer of items from one Warehouse to another. When the transfer Order is made stock of from warehouse is deducted and to warehouse is added even the transaction has not placed yet or it takes some time for actual transaction, isn’t it wrong?

The problem is the user is left with option either load the item and make transfer order which immediately increases stock from other side and consumption may happen due to wrong data or vice-versa. To control this warehouse of type Transit is used.

Transit Warehouse

The intermediate warehouse used during transfer order where from warehouse item is deducted and added to transit warehouse instead of to warehouse directly with control of no of day required to complete transit with various mode of transport to generate delivery date.


  • Warehouse: Create a warehouse type transit and attach to the To warehouse
  • Transport Days: Under Inventory Management setup under distribution, Transport.

Transfer dispatch

Create new transfer order select from warehouse and to warehouse of type transit linked, provide mode of transport and see auto delivery date.

Transfer received

Based on configuration we can receive directly or picking registration as discussed earlier here. If picking is used then we have to use release transfer order. Here we can receive partial qty also which is very important feature.