Product Attributes

Product attributes are extra information for products which can be defined by users. This is like a unlimited custom fields. The purpose is to see more info regarding Product. Example: The released Product name wooden door is not enough, to understand more we need attributes like wooden finishing types, wooden design, etc.

Note: Do not get confused with Product Variants of Product dimensions (discussed here)

No matter how many attributes are created only one value under each attribute is assigned at a time.(explained below with example)


Product Attributes: 

  1. Door Design: Embossed, Sticker or plain
  2. Is Indoor: Yes or No

Then Product door will have door design either embossed, sticker or plain and Is Indoor Yes or No only.

The usage of Product attributes are not powerful enough. To show the attribute data in any item transaction either form level or report level we have to customize.

Where as Product dimensions has a concept products variants and suggestions where we have more control. However Product variants are good for existing Products whereas Product dimension must of type product Masters otherwise we cannot use product variant features. Both has advantage and disadvantage depends on what data you have or going to implement with existing team.

Note: Product Attributes created are assigned in Procurement Category only and not  in Product category. More read here.

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