Serial and batch numbers are used for tracking purposes which are assigned to each Product from Receipt to issue.

Product tracking dimension must have serial no and batch no enabled to use this feature

Tip: For any new implementation it is `recommended to enable by default tracking dimension even if not required so that later we can use this option of tracking other wise once assigned tracking dimension cannot be changed unless stock is zero and inventory is closed.

Serial Number

Serial numbers are unique and can generate barcodes for tracking

Item code with Tracking Dimension enabled Serial No

Use this item code to create Purchase Order

During the receipt option go to update lines and click register

Generate serial no in specific format or numbers only

Close this form to complete transaction

Also issue this item in Project Item Journal (enable display dimension serial) select this item and specific serial no generated and post

Go to Item transaction enable display dimension then all receipt and issue is show by serial numbers

Batch numbers

This is assigned to group of items and usually refers to a lot id.

Note: Lot id is different which system tracks internally for any item transaction

Auto Serial Numbers

Instead manually allocating serial numbers we can do generate auto serial numbers too. A product must be attached to Tracking dimension with serial tracking enabled of course. We will see more about batch numbers later.


In Dynamics 365 the path is Inventory Management->Setup->Dimension->Tracking Number Groups

In AX 2012 the path is Inventory Management->Setup->Dimension->Number Groups